Birthday 12.18.1974
Acting Age 29 - 36
Weight 73 kg
Size 179 cm / 5.87 ft
Clothing Size Size 48
Haircolor Brown
Eyecolor Green
Languages german, türkish, english, french
Accent italien, türkish, arabien, english
Sports Judo, Karate, Boxing, swordfight,Skiing, Snowboarding, swimming( Life saver degree), diving, Riding, Basketball, soccer,fitness and many more...
Driving licenses Car and motorbike1,3
1992-1995 School of Dramatic Arts
1996 Lee Strasberg N.Y., Method Acting
1997 Hollywood Acting Workshop, M.K.Lewis
1998 Stuntcrashkurs, Stuntschule Atalan
2001 Kamera Intensiv Kurs: Ulrich Schmissat Acting in English: Kathy Renish Basic Regie Class: Mark Travis Sprachsuntericht und Moderationstraining Christoph Hilger Schauspieluntericht bei Laura Tassi Gesang und Tanz bei Maria Terranova
2002 Actors Workshop 1&2 / Mark Travis Directing Class I
2003 Jerry Coyle , Actors Workshop Directing Class II
Education College,Performing Arts